It Could Be You,

It’s easy to see how our problems stem from someone else, something else, a bunch of someone elses, etc. I know mine have. A lot.

But you need to Sherlock Holmes that shit on a continual basis too.

If not, you could find yourself divorced a few years, looking in your bathroom mirror and suddenly it hits you, the first clear thought you’ve had in weeks – it’s YOU.

It wasn’t her.

it wasn’t the job.

It wasn’t those assholes and their little clique.

No, the only thing all those have in common is you.


But that’s actually a good thing, to see it.

I laughed when it happened to me.

Not the careless, “I’m in a movie and have not a care in the world” laugh. No, more a gentle. “Well I’ll be damned…” laugh.

And it felt good, overall, because at last I KNEW.

Then you have something to work with.

Then you have something to work on.

You have a target, a project, an old-fashioned Apollo 13 problem, and now you can work the problem.

It’s freeing.

It also helps because the parts that AREN’T you, suddenly they don’t matter.

That stuff someone else does that you can’t control? Pffffff! Whatever. That ain’t on your to-do list.

Events? Same thing.

Life is clear, and so in a may, life is a little more easy.

Have a good one – james