5 Reasons We Should THANK GOD The Bathroom Law Also Limits Minimum Wages

What was the SECOND screwed-up part of North Carolina’s law banning transgender people from certain bathrooms? It was language that also banned cities in North Carolina from enacting their own minimum wages. Why did the law need that? Good Question!

Maybe North Carolina Republicans worried that whatever perverts had taken over cities that allowed perverts into bathrooms of the opposite sex also planned to hike the minimum wages in those cites to make them a sort of Pervert-y Nirvana.

Of maybe they were just greedy fucks who saw a chance to keep the kids from getting out of line?

Regardless, we bring you 5 Reasons We Should THANK GOD The Bathroom Law Also Limits Minimum Wages

• Perverts have money anyway, because we always saw Dennis Hastert in a nice suit.
• Paying someone $15 a hour to flip burgers may not turn them into a bathroom-hopping pervert, but we waited 70 years to face the facts on second-hand smoke and we’re not risking it again!
• Lower wages keep people from having too much leisure time and being tempted by anything other than the state-sponsored lottery.
• High wages lead to unions, which lead to communism, which leads to more meeting, which keep busy parents from having the time they need to beat up youth soccer officials.
• Cities that are allowed to set their own minimum wages might also decide to allow Syrian refugees inside, or not patrol for Mexicans, and before you know it, Santa Clause has brown skin, a Koran and a lisp!