Game Of Huh?…

jon snow meme
A few things wrong with the last Game Of Thrones:
– Jon Snow was brought back to life, but died again from boredom remembering how long it took.
– Red Woman, facing her biggest magical challenge, somehow forgot she’s really into fire for that shit. She burned a little girl to death a while ago, and now she’s all into just kinda chanting and waving her hands? Didn’t she level up out of that shit a while ago?
– Hodor does a lot of great acting with one word, so there’s nothing wrong with that.
– Actually the scene with Evil Queen Lannister and her son was touching as hell. He’s her son, of course she loves him and wants to help him. Wow, this is a terrible attempt at a snarky list, huh?
– But seriously, we all knew months ago Snow was coming back. Laying him on the table, murmuring over him for 3 hours, leaving the room… You can’t build more suspense than that unless you start trying to cross a street on foot.
– This is from the episode before, but if the Wandering Heroes just happened to step on the Kahleesi’s ring in a huge valley of identical grass, why can’t I find my keys in a small modern living room?
– I’m just jealous though. Who doesn’t want Tyrion’s lines and wit?
Have a good one folks!
– james