What Prince just taught me about how to quit being a whiny bitch and just create …

I have been in a pathetic stupid funk the past few weeks after getting super sick and also worrying if I’m ever going to get much going comedically that will matter, already being a shit-load older and later than I worry the comic-book version of Jamos Comedy Superstar should be…
… Then Prince passes away, and at first I’m just selfish and think, wow, he sure had his shit together when he was a lot younger, and I sure wish I did, or even later. But I keep exploring because damn he was so good and how did he get that way? and only today – TODAY – does it hit me, that of course I’ve forgotten and been looking at it all wrong. He didn’t make music to get famous. He didn’t ask himself what music would work with people. He didn’t fuss about “what do they want?” He just made what he wanted to hear.
He just made what he wanted. Period.
So silly… You just make what you want to see made, what gives you joy to have. You pour everything into that and don’t care about the rest. Because it’s pointless anyway. He always knew that.
So, aside from the timeless music, the fantastic tension, thank you again. I would have loved to read his book…image